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3 Speech-Therapy-Activities With Chalk Markers

I recently was gifted a set of awesome chalk markers and a chalkboard from Chalkola!  They have already gotten a ton of use and I am excited to try out many more ideas with them!  These markers work on non-porous surfaces. They are non-toxic, child-safe and quick dry! Chalkola recommends using them on chalkboards, whiteboards, blackboards, windows, glass, ceramics and other non-porous surfaces!  I always like to test out a small area of the surface, prior to using the chalk marker on it.

Here are 3 (of many) ways to use chalk markers while working on speech-language therapy goals and skills!

1. Chalkboard

Use the chalkboard and markers to write words or draw pictures! If the child is working on a certain sound for speech therapy, draw pictures of things that begin with that sound and then practice saying it aloud in as many phrases or sentences as possible! If a child is working on language skills such as naming categories, have them draw a picture of a specific object and then provide 3 more objects in that category. A guessing game could also be played with the chalkboard, where the child has to give clues or guess what has been drawn.  

2. Plastic Tray + Chalk Markers

I found these plastic trays (pictured above) at the dollar store and they are great for writing on! While we could also use a dry erase marker, there is just something about all the colors and using something that is not the “normal” thing to use, that makes kids excited to use these chalk markers!  Put mini objects or puzzle pieces on the tray and use open spots to write facts about whatever is on the tray. For children working on speech sounds, pair a tray with a book and write down the child’s target sound (i.e. /s/) .  As you read, have the child watch and listen for their target sound and write down the /s/ word each time they hear it. After the story is over, the child can make a  sentence with each /s/ word. 

3. Windows

Windows are so much fun to write and draw on! Practice writing irregular verbs, categories, speech sound target words and more with chalk markers on the window! 

These Chalkola chalk markers are fun,low prep, and can be incorporated into a variety of speech and language activities ! What is your favorite activity to use chalk markers with? 

You can check out Chalkola on their website or on amazon at:



*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I only share products I love!  All opinions are my own and should not be taken as evaluation, treatment or therapy advice. This blog post is for informational purposes only.  Please consult a licensed speech-language pathologist with any speech and/or language concerns.

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