Using The Hue Document Camera For Speech Teletherapy Activities

              Thanks to technology there are a variety of options available for providing therapy services. Teletherapy allows access to speech-language therapy services to those in remote areas who may have a shortage of speech therapists and to those who attend virtual schools.  Teletherapy has also played a major role in the ability to continue services virtually during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  While I personally love using hands-on therapy activities I also love incorporating technology.  Technology has allowed a lot more options when providing teletherapy.  There are numerous video conferencing platforms each with unique features (i.e. screen sharing, virtual backgrounds, etc.), digital resources (i.e. boom cards, interactive PDF’s, websites, etc.), and other technology such as the Hue HD camera, that make it easier to incorporate a variety of speech therapy activities into teletherapy.

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            Today we will discuss 2 of my favorite ways to use the Hue Document camera in teletherapy! There are so many ways you can use a document camera in speech teletherapy. Thank you for Hue HD Camera for gifting this camera to Daily Cup Of Speech

This image shows speech teletherapy activities using the Hue HD document camera.

  1. Incorporating manipulatives

I love taking manipulatives often used in-person and using them with the Hue HD camera for teletherapy!  I often use things such as pom poms, mini erasers and mini objects paired with task cards or other activities.  You can put the task cards under the camera, and work on the target skill just like in-person therapy. If you put a task card under the camera, the child can tell you what manipulative (i.e. blue pom pom) to cover the task card boxes with.  You can also put mini objects in a sensory bin and show it under the camera. You can grab an object out of the bin and practice describing attributes, answering wh-questions, and more after finding the objects.  Using regular paper-based resources with the Hue camera allows me to show students what would be on the table in front of them and they love talking about the manipulatives.  There is just something about mini objects, themed erasers and other manipulatives that children often love!  

  1. Books

Books will always be at the top of my list for must-have items to use in speech therapy, both in person as well as via teletherapy!  While you can show a book on a website such as Youtube, I like using the Hue HD camera with the physical book in front of me better.  I feel like the pictures in the book on the Hue HD camera are clearer and I can point to exactly where I want the student to focus (i.e. at a specific picture).  There are so many speech and language skills that can be worked on with books.  For example, if we’re reading a book about summertime, we can talk about summer-themed vocabulary, story grammar (characters, setting, events, etc.), answer wh- questions, infer and more! For children working on speech sounds, we will listen for their target sounds and make up sentences describing the pictures using words with their targets.  Books are perfect for group therapy and for students who have a variety of goals.  So many different speech and language skills can be incorporated when discussing a book and the Hue camera makes it easier to show the book on screen!

          There are so many activities I like to do in speech teletherapy!  In addition to using manipulatives and books, digital resources (such as boom cards) are one of my favorite tools for speech teletherapy sessions!  I will often pair a boom deck on-screen with an object under the Hue Hd camera!  I find that using a variety of resources and activities makes speech teletherapy more fun and engaging. 

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*Disclosure: The Hue HD camera included in this post was given as a gift in exchange for my honest review. I only share products I love! This post contains affiliate links that result in a small commission to Daily Cup Of Speech if a purchase is made through them.  Affiliate links have no impact on the price for the buyer.  All opinions are my own and should not be taken as evaluation, treatment or therapy advice. This blog post is for informational purposes only.  Please consult a licensed speech-language pathologist with any speech and/or language concerns.

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