10 Things For Your SLP “Tool Bag”

While we have all done therapy with no physical “tools” or materials, there are some things that help target specific goals and with student engagement during therapy. In no particular order, here are 10 of my favorite things to have in my SLP tool bag:

  1. Articulation picture cards
  2. Interactive Game
  3. Dice
  4. Bingo Chips
  5. Token Towers
  6. Crayons/paper/ paint daubers 
  7. Wordless Picture Book
  8. Play dough
  9. Mirror
  10. Microphone

Picture cards are great for targeting so many areas (articulation, language, phonological processes, etc. Use them along with a mirror for a student to see their articulator placement during practice and with cueing.

I love how dice can be used for so many targets! You can make  a game out of dice, have students practice a phoneme target  the number of times the dice says or as a motivator for a reward. 

Bingo chips can cover pictures after trials, be used to work towards a goal number of turns or to use with a magnetic wand.  I also love token towers for a positive reinforcer.  Give students a token after each trial or after they follow directions.  When they fill their token tower they get a reward (stickers, pick the game, dance break, etc.) 

Crayons, paper and paint daubers can be used for so many great craft activities that are not as messy or time consuming as paint.  They are hands on and keep students engaged while talking.

Wordless picture books can be used for so many language goals!  I use them to target describing, inferences, attributes and the list goes on! 

Last but not least, an echo microphone helps students to increase voice volume, motivation and trials!

What would you add to your top 10 SLP tool bag items?

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