Favorite Board Books For Babies & Toddlers

As a mom and speech-language therapist, you could say I have a slight obsession with children’s books. While I love all types of children’s books, I especially love board books.  I have started replacing traditional greeting cards at baby showers or children’s birthday parties with a book. I write inside the front cover of the book (just like I would a card) and attach it to the present.   Board books are great for early literacy exposure for babies and toddlers! They are typically full of bright pictures, core vocabulary, and often lots of rhyming. Many studies have shown that children exposed to books and being read to daily impact their reading including comprehension long term. Reading the story or even talking about the pictures is great exposure to new vocabulary. The following are a few tips for reading bedtime stories:

  • Point to the words as you read
  • Talk about the pictures (Wow, I see a red truck!)
  • Ask open ended questions
  • Work on following simple directions (i.e. point to something yellow on the page)
  • Encourage requesting (i.e. children asking to turn page, read again, etc.)
  • Emphasize core vocabulary by saying it again or demonstrating (stop, go, on, off, where, what, who, etc.)
  • Act out when possible (i.e. animals-“moo says the cow”)
  • Talk about everyday objects & object functions (We drink from a cup!)

What are you favorite board books? Have you ever given a book in place of a birthday or baby shower card?

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