5 Fun Apple Themed Speech Therapy Activities Perfect for Fall

speech therapy activities apples

Fall is here and there are so many themes that are perfect for this time of year! Do you have a favorite fall theme?  Apples, pumpkins, squirrels, camping, and leaves are just a few of many fun themes that are perfect for your fall speech therapy sessions! Keep reading for 5 fun apple-themed activities to make your planning easy for your language therapy sessions this fall!

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speech therapy activities apple themed


    fall books for speech therapy

    Using books in speech therapy is one of my favorite tools. There are so many language goals that can be targeted in literacy-based sessions, such as story grammar, wh questions, describing, sequencing and so much more! A few of my favorite apple-themed books for speech therapy in no particular order are: 

    I like to pair books with a toy, game or boom deck that fits the topic or theme.  You can check out a digital boom deck book companion for the book Apples and Pumpkins By, Anne Rockwell HERE in my TpT store.


    In addition to using books, I love using hands-on activities to target language goals! This new resource includes TEN therapy targets and SIX different no prep activities!  The activities included are tic tac toe, dab a dot, coloring, tracing, language frames, and picture scenes! Pair these activities with markers, paint daubers, pom poms, mini erasers, and more! The language targets included are describing attributes, regular verbs, irregular verbs, pronouns, regular plurals, irregular plurals, prepositions, emotions, wh questions, synonyms, and antonyms!  There are also picture scenes that target basic concepts, following directions, and answering wh questions.  You can read additional details and see more pictures of the Ultimate Language Activities Apples Unit HERE

    When using themes in therapy, I love including extension activities that go well with the primary activity.  Some themes can be used for multiple sessions or over a month when additional activities are used.  You can incorporate almost any language therapy goal into crafts and other extension activities.  Keep reading below for 3 extension activity ideas! 


    One extension activity I love to use with an apple theme is talking about the life cycle of an apple!  The pictured activity was a freebie from Kids Soup.  You can get this freebie from their site by clicking HERE! With this activity, I first did some pre-teaching and then we described each card.  We practiced sequencing the apple life cycle cards and after we had them in the correct order, targeted wh- questions about seeds, apples, trees, farms, and more! 


    Another extension activity I like to use with an apple theme in speech therapy is identifying the parts of an apple!  For students with describing goals, this activity is perfect for working on attributes! The activity pictured above is a freebie and can be downloaded from Paula’s Primary Classroom on Teachers Pay Teachers HERE!

    5. CRAFTS

    Crafts are very engaging and fun to pair with other therapy activities.  You can pair a craft with a deck of therapy stimuli cards, a game or use them to track the number of trials you have completed in a session. For example, in the craft activity pictured above, the student was naming items in a given category.  Each time they named an item, they ripped more pieces of construction paper for the apple craft.

    There are so many fun activities to use in speech therapy during fall!  When using an apple theme in speech therapy, I like to gather a variety of materials and incorporate them over multiple sessions.  Do you use an apple theme in speech therapy?  What’s your favorite apple-themed book, game, or resource?  

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