Meaning Behind The Blog Name: Daily Cup Of Speech

I’ve been asked a few times the meaning behind “Daily Cup Of Speech”.  There are a few reasons I chose the name.  Speech-language pathology is something I am passionate about.  Communication is part of my daily life, both personally and professionally.  Another thing that is usually part of my daily life is coffee.  Like the popular phrase “daily cup of joe”, I felt like “Daily Cup Of Speech” encompassed two things that make up almost every day for me (and many other SLPs).  I hope this blog and my social media pages, can be a place that you come with a cup of coffee (or tea) in hand and read about therapy ideas, fun products and serious topics related to all things speech & language therapy.  

Another reason I chose the name is because I feel strongly about self-care and mental health for SLPs. Before I went to school for my master’s in communication disorders, I received a B.S. in Psychology. There are many popular sayings about “not being able to pour from an empty cup”.  We are in a helping field.  We pour our hearts and souls into what we do and it is not always easy.  In order to best help others, we must first make sure we are taking care of ourselves.  

 You will probably see me asking this more than once but you know I can’t end this without saying,  what are you doing today to work towards filling your cup? 





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