SLP Spotlight: Andi Putt

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This week on the blog is speech-language pathologist, Andi Putt. Andi is the blog author of Mrs. Speechie P, a blog for parents of children with special needs. She is an autism specialist and presenter. On her blog and social media, Andi shares tricks and tips to improve communication.

Andi Putt

What is your favorite children’s book and why?

I don’t know how I could ever pick one, but I’d have to go with the Gruffalo. I just love the rhythm and rhyming of the book and think it’s brilliant yet simple! 
If you were put on an island and could only have 3 things with you for speech therapy what would you bring and why?
I have a new view on this since COVID-19. I feel like I’m doing all that I would need if I was stuck on an island so a laptop, internet, and boom cards!
Why did you become an SLP?
I worked in a research lab as an undergraduate student that was studying infants perception of speech. Funnily enough, I learned that I hated research but became very interested in speech pathology- although I didn’t commit until I was about to graduate! 

What is your special interest in the field of speech-language pathology?

Hands down I love autism. I love doing assessments and intervention. Even though autism is such a huge part of most SLP’s jobs, I still think the full range of the spectrum is not well known, so I am passionate about increasing knowledge! 

Tell me what you’re working on right now. 

I’m not sure I’d call it “working on”- because I worked on it and now I am struggling with the fine tuning, but I would like to publish a checklist for SLPs to complete with parents that will help them know when an autism evaluation may be necessary. Kind of like the M-CHAT but way more in depth and hopefully more accurate and miss a lot less kids. 

If you had to be something other than an SLP, what would you choose and why?

I would love to be a psychologist. I started with an undergraduate double degree in psychology and childhood learning and development. Funnily enough, I don’t think I would know more about autism diagnosis had I taken that route, but I feel my expertise and opinion would be more valued- especially if I had a PhD. 
Check out Andi on her blog & social media: 

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